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“It is health that is real wealth, not gold & silver” Ghandi

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Wellness comes through truly knowing ourselves through a combination of physical, emotional and social elements. 

With this knowledge of the best nutritional therapy, lifestyle medicine, psycho-emotional and energetic modalities that work for you. Ultimately enabling you to live a fulfilled healthy, daring and conscious lives.


in mind, body, emotion, spirit and our inner and outer environments


to challenge ourselves and try new things for optimal results


of our impact on ourselves, others and our environments

you are your own universe

You are biochemically unique. Find your uniqueness and unlock your optimal health.

Discover Your Unique Biochemical make-up and the Confidence That Comes with this insight.

With more scientific research on our health and physical being than ever before, we now know we are as complex and diverse as the universe. We interact, adapt, or react through a network of nerves that sense out into our environment and feed-back through emotions, our five senses and sensations. Let me help you understand what’s best for your unique-self that consists of biological, psychological and social factors on this journey of life.

Areas of Expertise

I have been qualified and providing science-based nutritional therapy and lifestyle medicine since 2012. My letters are DipION. FDNT Uni of Bedfordshire. As a member of BANT and CNCH I evidence my professional development every year from the latest research to ensure safe, effective nutrition and lifestyle advice.

META-Health is a focus on Body-Mind-Social Health, understanding specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs impact on specific organ symptoms. By utilising two powerful methodologies of Meta and Integrative Medicine, this provides you with a more precise and effective Body-Mind-Social diagnosis and therapeutical approach unique to you.

I use transformational healing from  a combination of two amazing techniques that have helped me to transform my inner and outer landscape and that I help others with too. It balances the body-mind connections. These methodscbring new awareness, releasing limiting core beliefs and low vibration energy, so you can let go of old patterns, identities and behaviours to become a greater whole and empowered you.

Jung archetypes is such an insightful technique to really help understand what your sub-conscious wants to bring into awareness and balance. Every night, when we sleep, our psyche opens up with symbols and information to help explore and resolve our problems. In doing this we open up deeper layers of our inner resources. The wisdom from these depths can take on long-standing and impossible conflicts, leading to astonishing possibilities in our lives.

I've Worked with Businesses to Individuals

From businesses, schools, independent studios, yoga retreats, groups to individuals. I can tailor my knowledge and expertise to your needs for optimal health outcomes. I also welcome collaborations, if our values & offerings complement.

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I Can Help You Step into Greater Health

We only get one body in this lifetime to really understand our uniqueness and work with it to the greatest benefit. It starts from the inside-out. Let’s get started for you to step into a more healthier empowered you.

Client reviews

The depth of knowledge about health and what works for individuals depending on their different make-up is really important as one approach does not fit all. I have learned so much from Hayley's different expertise that really empowered me.
“I was blown away by the accuracy of the sessions with Hayley, she is detailed, summarising exactly what was happening and the solutions to help, Hayley is wise, intuitive and kind, I would wholeheartedly recommend sessions with her.”
Hayley provided valuable expertise in all aspects of health and the amazing interconnectedness. She really helped our members and guests to empower their own health with detailed advice and invaluable tips to take away with her presentation at our seminar.

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